Mortal Death—A Door to Eternity.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 345

4th July, 2004

My dear one, for a moment do contemplate the impact that written words can have. Consider how they can serve as a wake-up call for someone who, just at a critical moment in life, happens to read a certain message that finds lodgment in that soul, bringing about a change in that life. Messages can enlarge one’s perspective; give understanding and courage to carry on for yet another day.

These deciding moments are like a twist or turn in the road, and an unexpected vista then opens up before one’s eyes. Life is like this, and these moments are the cause and effect of a life-change, which can be for better or worse, yet both are experienced in the unseen with outward effect.

Such is life on this planet. It is the deciding life during which a human may well start out by seeking temporal wealth, success and pleasures only. It can also be switched in the blink of an eye through such a deciding moment that it makes one realize that there is more to life than outward 'things'. The material does not satisfy or feed the human spirit, and something deep is then missing in that life. In such deciding moments, the search for the meaning and purpose of life often begins in earnest.

At that moment, the true life begins in the inner world, where true wealth is waiting to be discovered. And this urge and search for inner wealth and treasures can only culminate in the finding of the Source of all this wealth.

This is the greatest journey any soul can embark upon, and where a final victory is assured when that soul finds out that there are many more regions to be explored in the unending creation of the All That Is.

The greatest deciding moment in this life is when you discover the God of your being waiting within you, and from that moment on you lose all fear of death, because you ‘know’ that life is eternal, and that mortal death serves as a door to Eternity.

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