The Ultimate Goal Of Perfection.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 342

1st July, 2004

Dear one, the deepest and most secret thoughts and desires are known on High. Not a single cry or thought is ever lost, but only the worthwhile ones are registered, while the dross eventually shall fall away, and the gleaming nuggets of spiritual import remain. This will help further the character building that began on the earth-plane, and it will be continued on the next level of existence on the morontia worlds.

Material death is not the magic door through which you pass to, in the blink of an eye, find yourself to be perfect on the other side. This is an incorrect belief and greatly erroneous. The humans on this planet have not earnestly practiced the discipline of thought control. Many live on, seemingly unaware of how they can improve themselves, simply by thinking better thoughts on a higher level.

It is forever true that ‘thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind,’ and ‘as a man/woman thinketh, so he/she becomes.’ ‘As above, so below.’

It is extremely important to think positive, loving thoughts, and banish negative and judgmental ones. I know that we have spoken about this before, but each thought creates ‘indentations’ in the material brain, which reflect everywhere in the material body.

And thus, the positive or negative thought-stream manifests itself in the body, and discomfort of any kind can therefore be seen as a pressure release valve. The material body is a very delicate instrument, and it responds in kind to the spirit, which inhabits that body. It is very unkind to defile your body-temple on purpose with harmful habits and addictions.

The purer, more loving, simple, and natural way in which one thinks and lives, the greater benefits for the next stage of existence, where many more necessary corrections of character are made on the many worlds on the road to perfection.

In all things, keep it simple. Practice cleanliness, and purity of thoughts and habits. Pray for your thoughts to be brought into a higher conscious awareness of Me, so I can better help you attain the ultimate goal of perfection, for you to be found worthy to stand in the Presence of the All That Is.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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