I Hail From That Selfsame Creator.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 341

30th June, 2004

Dear one, consider the endlessness of living an eternal life. It is extremely important to spend some time with these thoughts. How do you surmise you might live in this endlessness of time? It is said that in eternity there is no time. This is somewhat of a misnomer. In the material universes, yes, there is time, albeit different as time is reckoned on Urantia, your home-planet.

Time on Urantia is only a tiny segment in eternity. With system, constellation and universe time, the dimensions and divisions of time are greater and on through the minor and major sectors of super-universe number seven, in which your tiny insignificant orb is located. I give you here the benefit of an overview to expand your mind, and for you to gain a better perspective than ever before.

You will spend eons of time in your local universe as a morontia being, which is what you will be in the period that intervenes between the material and the spiritual level of being.

Your training and education needs to be completed to the satisfaction of the Ancients on High, before you will travel from the universe of your nativity as a young spirit. There will be ample opportunity, for remedial studies and service opportunities to gain experience before you may embark on the long flight to Havona with its billion perfect spheres, which surround Paradise—the eternal abode of the Creators.

Paradise is larger than all inhabited creation, and less than one percent is in use by the pilgrims of space. This is your ultimate destination, when once you have answered the call to become perfect, even as the Father in Heaven is perfect.

Believe Me, I know whereof I speak, as I hail from that selfsame Creator, and indwell you as a Gift from Paradise to help guide you on the way Home.

This I can do, but only when you become more consistent in your coming to Me in your daily meditations, so you learn to discern My Voice more clearly and readily. This I can do, although only when you develop the capacity to learn to love unconditionally, and busy yourself in loving service towards others, ready to see the best in them.

This, in a nutshell, is the outline of the mystery of the puzzle of life, in which you, yourself, fill in the pieces and decide how to live, serve and grow on the way Home.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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