Fleeting Material Needs And Wants.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 128.

April 7th, 2004

Dear one, it is truly helpful to contemplate all the ways in which you are blessed. This in fact teaches you to forget your most desired wants, and instead it shifts your focus to what has already been manifested.

The real need is always inner growth to a higher plane of living through increased understanding and love towards each other.

Material needs and wants are fleeting. Of course there are real needs, but the attitude towards these needs require to be changed so there is never any self-pity or animosity toward another.

Real freedom from wants comes only by living in faith that you are a worthy child of the All-powerful Creator. Believe that He who created the heavens gave all the stars their own place, that He knows them by name, and that He can equally well take care of you.

A lot of poverty is created by fear of poverty. Worry and fear attract poverty, and this starts a cycle of poverty into motion, because that which you think about you attract.

When you count your blessings and start thinking of abundance, this cycle then shifts into a higher gear according to the law of attraction.

Of course, this means thinking honestly, with sincerity and truthfulness. Never prostitute your inner soul-self by being dishonest in the gathering of unearned wealth at someone else’s cost.

Each honest work done is worthy of recognition. And this is always recognized in Heaven.

The state of the soul is the most precious commodity in all creation. Nurture your soul in honesty and sincerity, not out of fear for punishment, but out of love for the Creator, who gives you all these life experiences through the Gift of free will to choose how you will live your life.

Always remember to turn within, to count your blessings, and to confer with Me, your Guide

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