Give Love A Chance, So It Can Grow Exponentially.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 337

26th June, 2004

Dear one, the simple message to love one another is a very deep message that has neither been taken seriously, nor has it been practiced on this planet. The God-currents are waiting to carry this love around the world, and pass it on from one person to the next. Even a smile given to a stranger can uplift that one’s heart, and it will stay in that person’s memory to be recalled from time to time.

I would counsel you to think less about your own problems. They would grow to become insignificant if you only knew of the burdens carried by others. Seek to understand others more, so you can learn to love them more. Seek to let go of a judgmental and critical attitude towards all others. Even the downtrodden and the homeless will feel the warmth of a genuine smile. They don’t need any discouraging looks. They need a look that encourages them to get up and get going.

Who knows the reasoning in each mortal’s mind and the hidden aches in the human heart? God does, and since I live in each soul, go about your days and see if on each day you can understand and love one more person. This is a wonderful way to help you understand others without judgment, for everyone has an infant soul which endeavors to grow in the same direction as yours, for each person carries within themselves the seed and the blueprint for eternal life.

I tell you this, because you know this in theory, but you have not nearly enough put this into practice. I desire that this seeking to understand, and love others, will become a habitual practice. Give Love a chance so it can grow exponentially, and in time explode all over the planet, for this is the design and purpose of the Almighty Creator God.

Take this lesson to heart.

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