Be the Salt of the Earth.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 335

24th June, 2004

My dear one, it delights Me that it is becoming easier to teach and lead you. You are becoming more diligent in applying the fruits of the spirit in your daily life. It is with great pleasure that I see a measure of growth in your inner life. The more you apply yourself to, and gain the necessary confidence and trust in, My Guidance, the more the clouds will clear, and you will perceive in greater measure the blessings that are so abundant in life, and are being taken for granted by most.

Even the simple matter of taking a breath with ease becomes a subject of appreciation when you see others struggle for theirs. Life is definitely not the easiest on this planet, and it is made more difficult when there are still some nefarious and un-awakened ones, who for their temporary material greed pollute the planet on purpose, especially the very air you breathe and the water you drink. Even the food chain, is being poisoned thereby.

But I tell you this; the closer you cling to Me, the healthier you will be, because a well-balanced and stable spiritual inner life, gives benefits beyond measure to your mental state and your physical cells and atoms, and as well, it changes the DNA structure.

Everything about you partakes of this great, joyous trust and faith you are building in Me, and a calm demeanor is the result. For others, there is nothing so healing as being in the presence of such a fragrant personality, who by her or his very presence uplifts the immediate surroundings.

This is the path you and I are endeavoring to walk, and thus far you are learning your lessons well by applying them, but it is not necessary anymore that you keep your light hidden in a corner. I desire for you to become the yeast, so everyone around you may rise up too. In this manner, the whole planet is uplifted.

This is what meant by someone ‘being the Salt of the Earth.’

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