My Spirit Shall Ultimately Triumph.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 333

22nd June, 2004

Dear one, it is an incredible moment in a creature’s life, when the true reality dawns on her or him that I Am with each of you, at all times, and that you can call on Me at any time you have a need. I prefer that you call on Me when there is no need, and when you simply desire My Companionship.

Even a true friend cannot be permanently at your beck and call. Is it not a true blessing and of great satisfaction to really, really comprehend that such a Friend and Companion lives right inside you? Just ponder this for a moment if you will, for slowly, very slowly, I Am leading you towards that deeper awareness of Me, depending of course on your willingness and trust in this process.

There is truly nothing to fear, but fear itself. Banish fear at all cost, and what you will have left is pure untainted Love—a Love so great that it sweeps through every cell of your being and quickens these cells into greater ability to heal.

This is the ultimate in self-healing. Use your careful self-observation and see where you still hold fear in your body, and invite Me to go into all these places, which are painful due to the fears you hold.

Allow the Holy Spirit to soften all those places, so My Love can go deeper and deeper, and bring about healing at the highest possible plane.

Your spiritual life is meant to triumph over the physical, but this can only occur when you allow this to happen, and when you are willing to work towards this. It is done through giving yourself more time to come to Me in the Stillness, so we can work on this together, and as I lead you deeper into yourself.

My Spirit shall ultimately triumph, no matter how long this process may take.

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