Be Willing to Become the Servant of All.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 330

19th June, 2004

Dear one, it is a long road towards perfection on Paradise. Many levels intervene, many hurdles will need to be overcome, and many lessons need to learned. All your human and animal vestiges will then have been eradicated through your personal choices and decisions.

Yours is a journey into Glory, of which I cannot even begin to tell you, as you simply lack the capacity for understanding. There exists no human language with which to describe heaven’s music, heaven’s colors and heaven’s atmospheric energies and conditions. These all need to be experienced.

Even now it is impossible for Me to place visualization in your mind, because your mind is so incredibly limited compared to what it will be in future ages. By your hunger and willingness, you will within yourself open doors of which you did not even know the existence. But this ability needs a fertile soil of preparation, and a willingness to trust in this process of development.

Grow in faith, live day by day like a tadpole, and some day you shall leap like a frog. Meanwhile, your work is right in the trenches for you to ultimately become what I am describing to you: A perfected being.

Do not worry about having to come back to this planet for more sorrow and grief, for these shores will have been left behind by the dissolution of mortal flesh, and your resurrection into a morontia body, which will serve you until you have earned your beginning-spirit status.

God’s Kingdom is about progress, and there are uncountable lessons and experiences awaiting on the Mansion Worlds and beyond for all believing and trusting souls. Meanwhile, your great lesson lies in the skill of mastering negative habits and faulty character traits.

With every advance you will be expected to exhibit more of the fruits of the spirit in loving service.

He or she, who would become the greatest, must be willing to become the servant of all.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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