Honor Your Spirit Within.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 326

15th June, 2004

Dear one, it is truly a wonderful and good thing that you are disenchanted with the progress in your spiritual life, and in the way you live your life. This is exactly what I desire from you; for this will spur you on to continually seek Me. It means that you are alive and growing. But, please, do not become discouraged, for at first, all new growth is difficult and painful, although this does not necessarily have to be so.

Mortal life is effort and struggle, yet nothing worthwhile can be gained without it. It trains the mortal to continually seek better ways, especially on this confused and backward planet, where everyone and everything seems tilted towards materialism of the outer world, rather than equal time being devoted to the inner, spiritual world of growth, which is the responsibility of each thinking individual.

Your planet is beset by, and labors under outward clamor and noise, which is empty of real value. In the inner life the true values of honesty, sincerity and integrity, need to be cultivated and nurtured along with the outward manifestation of understanding, compassion, overshadowed by unconditional love toward self and all others.

This is the ideal life your Master Jesus was and still is an example of when He lived on your planet. You may think that this sounds like Utopia, and impossible to achieve, but this, dear one, is what true evolution, creation in time and space, is all about. For human soul and planet alike, the true destiny is perfection in Light and Life.

Yes, even your planet will experience Light and Life, although she is going through a very difficult stage in her evolution, since there are still too many mortals living upon her who do not respect her as a living breathing being, and greatly dishonor her because of greed.

In the same manner, you need to honor your spirit within by allowing yourself more time to come to Me, truly listen to My Still Small Voice, and give heed to My efforts to lead you. I shall lead you in the right direction, as I must do in order for you to achieve a harmonious balance between the inner and outer world.

Both worlds are in need of your attention, for the benefits you will reap are increased physical health, and mental and emotional stability, when you put Spirit in charge of your life.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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