Spirit Can Thus Move Forward.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 324

13th June, 2004

Dear one, your heart and mind will grow more in the understanding of Me, and the better you understand Me, the more you will come to love Me. This also means you will have more love for yourself, as a child of the Most High God will. You will also begin to better understand that I am becoming a greater part of your higher consciousness.

The more you yearn for Me, the more room you make for Me to be in the ‘all of you’, in the ‘everywhere of you.’ My Spirit needs a clear channel to flow in, and whenever you feel out of sorts, you are blocking Me. Oh, I know all the struggles, you as a human go through! However, you could make your life so much easier, if you would come more often to Me and include Me in your daily comings and goings, and not wait until trouble looms, or another hurdle needs to be overcome.

Truly, dear one, the more time you spend with Me in the earth-life, the greater benefits you will reap in the life hereafter. Be at peace, dear heart, and be not so troubled by your physical aches and pains, but recognize that they are there for a reason, that perhaps the mental and emotional energy fields in the meridians need clearing. In these, all your thoughts, emotions and experiences are stored.

I AM more then willing for you to come and confide in Me, as I AM your most willing Listener and I AM never in a hurry. Of course I know all about your hidden sorrows and grief, but it is excellent for your peace of mind to unburden your soul, to free yourself up, and to lighten the load that you carry, as you feel My comforting touch and loving Presence.

It is also a good idea to get some hands-on therapy to move things along, as long as it is with an understanding person, who has some life-experience to be of true assistance. One can only help others, where one is willing to go into the human psyche, which is everywhere in the physical system, as no system exists separate from another.

A simple loving touch can evoke blocked and hidden memories of long ago, which can then be looked at and let go of, so tears of release and relief can flow.

This is a freeing, which enormously benefits the mental and emotional realms. Long held pains will dissipate, and Spirit can thus move forward to do the rest of the healing.

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