Assured of a Place in the Kingdom of God.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 322

11th June, 2004

Dear one, the way is open to follow Me—to follow My prompts from within. Oh, there will always be lessons to learn, little tests, as it were, for you to choose which way you would go, and which at times is the earthly, selfish way, or the unselfish heaven’s way. Actually, it is all so very simple, for all you need to do is live in a greater consciousness of Me.

Difficult, you say? Well, not really as long as you train yourself to become more mindful of Me. How do you do this? Simple, come more often into the silence of your heart, and by seeking Me you shall find Me. I desire your thoughts to be so entrenched with thoughts of love, of truth, beauty and goodness, that there simply will be no room for unkind thoughts towards others, or any indulgence in negativity.

You are daily building your house of faith and trust in Me, brick by tiny brick, and by your daily duties done. By becoming more steadfast by doing good from the inside out, with pure intentions, and without any hidden agenda, you are becoming good—a pure light of heaven shining in a darkened world.

The purer and cleaner your heart and mind become, the better the soil for the soul to grow in. A stalwart and steadfast character is being molded under My Guidance. Do not forget that I Am an equal part in what you are becoming. We are in this together. You are never alone and the sooner you realize this, the better off the world will be, because together we are an inspiration of God’s Love made manifest on this planet.

Surely now, can you think of a better way to spent your life here on earth? Being already assured of a place in the Kingdom of God, because you are already living it?

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