Your Faith Richly Rewarded.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 321

10th June, 2004

Dear one, it is often through a severe crisis in life that mortals receive a so-called wake-up call. This often makes them realize at the very depths of their being that there is more to life than what meets the material eyes. It is in that moment that they discover that ‘silver-cord,’ or ‘Light Beam,’ which grounds them between heaven and earth, between the seen and the unseen.

These unforgettable experiences are forever etched in those mortals’ souls, and they sense for certain that life goes on after the physical dissolution that is death, and all fear then evaporates. This moment is a moment in eternity, in which such a one is forever freed from earthly bondage and ‘knows in faith’ that a more glorious life awaits all those who believe.

“According to your faith, it shall be done unto you.”

The mists of time are temporarily lifted, and that great burden of unbelief is taken from the soul of that human, who experiences Serenity and Peace beyond words. He or she is forever set free from the clamor of the world, which keeps a soul in bondage and unable to ‘fly’. Faith and trust are the wings that lift a soul heavenward. “Believe and it shall be done unto you,” is all it takes.

Oh, the freedom that comes to that formerly fear-ridden soul when it seeks for My Presence and finds it! It is the price of great value your Master Jesus alluded to, when He spoke His parables to His disciples, and to all whom had ears to hear.

Not everyone was willing to have an open ear, to in heart discover the deeper meanings. Even the apostles had their own interpretation.

But as long as the eternal truth is grasped in the human heart, such a one is forever set free from bondage and superstition that tries to enslave the heart, soul and mind of yet far too many mortals.

So, please, do take the time every day to turn within and seek Me, and your faith will be richly rewarded by your having conversed with your God within.

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