Complements In The Dance Of Life.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - # 111.

February 19, 2004

Dear one, to discern truth in someone’s heart, also means to discover his or her hidden sorrows and grief.

All of mankind are actors to a greater or lesser degree, for they have learned a behavior of not showing their true intent and emotions. Many really don’t know, or refuse to acknowledge, the amount of sorrow they carry with them, and they rarely know how to handle these pains.

Although it might not have been inflicted upon them as a person per se. It is also genetic and generational, in other words: both inherited and learned.

Especially the attitude of man towards woman as a second class citizen and partner persists until this day and age. This has caused no end of misery for the daughters of God.

HIS sons are in need of wake-up calls and for them to realize that all evolving children of time and space are created equal.

All laws on your planet have been man-inspired and man-made, quite without equal input from the other half of humanity.

You know for yourself how skewed this is. And now the Time of Correction has arrived, and, very gradually still, awakenings are occurring all over the planet, when women and also, finally, men are waking up to the reality of how valuable the female really is; not just a ‘beast of burden.’

It always takes two to complement each other in the dance of life. At the start of their togetherness they are in love, but when they stay together over the years, they learn to love and respect each other, for the true complements they have become.

At least, that is the way it is intended to be, however reality on this planet sadly shows us otherwise. This planet has so incredibly far to go, before this ideal is firmly entrenched in the mindsets of man and woman alike, and before they are willing to work together towards that ideal.

Now you see, My human partner, how you learn discernment by living through and learning your lessons.

Stay close to Me, and you shall learn to attain the desires of your heart.

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