. . . Feel My Total Acceptance Of You.


A Thought Adjuster Speaks - #1

April 13, 2003

Yes, stand in awe before me -- I, who give everlasting life to each of my children. Allow self to be totally saturated in my love.

It is I, who abides in you and with you. All the days of this life count as nothing, compared to the Life I have prepared for you.

You are my child. Even before I created you, I had a special plan and purpose for your life. Your life is meant to sing praises unto me, and in your doing so, you sing praises to yourself.

For know this my child: I AM you and you are becoming me. Together we are as one. You live your life, to become one with me. Feel my total acceptance of you. Let me flow through you. Let me guide you into life everlasting.

Oh Joy! Oh Love! Oh Live!

Note: The terms ‘Thought Adjuster’, ‘Father Fragment’, ‘Pilot Light’, and ‘Spirit Self’ have identical meanings.

Transmitted by Lytske.

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