The Creation of Your Own Reality

Alabama, US of A, December 20, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “The Creation of Your Own Reality.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “At this time we cannot speak of a society being limited to just one nation. Globalization has allowed you to think of unity, as extending beyond geographical and political boundaries. Specifically, the concept of capitalism has spread all over the world, mostly in North America and Europe, but also in other countries.

“In today’s world nations have been grouped into two categories: developed and under-developed. Particularly this classification should pertain to the maturity level of their political systems. Some countries have their governments well established. These governments are predictable and supported by their peoples. Other countries still have tribal leaders or groups that struggle only to keep their power and status. It should not be a surprise that the nations belonging to the latter group have bigger economic and social issues than those in the former group. The under-developed countries are too busy resolving their own internal issues to significantly contribute to the rest of the world.

“The countries with certain political maturity are the ones that move the planet forward and promote progress of civilization. It is in these countries that the scientific, technological, social and ideological advances are more needed in order to compete successfully in the international arena and to maintain the current achievements. It is in these countries where there exist the risk of future stagnation.

“In these privileged countries the new generations are being raised with the idea to struggle only for riches and material rewards – fame and fortune. The modern culture highlights those men and women who have a lot of money or who are famous. The young susceptible minds observe this and are easily impressed. Professional education is seen as a means to achieving the material rewards, when it should be a tool to find a personal way to contribute to the group. Many young choose their careers thinking exclusively of what is best for them, not for the group. Those who have no access to education or can’t adapt to the educational methods often look for illegal alternatives to obtain what they think they deserve. In this regard, modern society is becoming more backward than many of the societies of your so-called prehistoric era.

“Professional education is a function of the state, but to instill values for life is a responsibility of the family, the fathers and mothers of the future generations. In the end, it is the contribution of each human being that will determine the future. Those parents illuminated by spirit will know how to guide their little ones to become useful as adults. Such parents, searching wisdom in the presence of God within them, will teach their children the virtues of loving service to their peers. Their teachings will transform these little ones into men and women of great value to humanity, and with the desire to make this world better for those who will come after. Only in this way will the age of Light and Life be achieved in this world – when each and every one of you accepts and embraces your personal responsibility in the creation of your own reality.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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