What Did You Do?

Illawarra District, Australia, May 29, 2012.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “What Did You Do?”

Received by George Barnard.

Mentor: “There is not a minute of your waking hours when any of you 11:11 workers are alone. Apart from those in the Morontia realms (angels) that are always with you, there are those in the Spiritual realms that make themselves aware of the progress you all personally make, the following you build up, and the effects you engender. Preparation for becoming a Teacher on any of the former rebellious worlds is long and quite intense, yet millions are at ready to begin teaching.

“Here now I would like to inform you of the disappointments some of us, being well-advanced morontia creatures, endure with your human misbehaviors. Especially in the western world, the western nations, you have largely forgotten how to think, for your soft life has rocked you to sleep. Although we are here to awaken you, you yawn, refuse to take your mind from being entertained by the most unimportant of unlikely events, endless misinformation, and blatant untruths.

“You are a civilization in terminal decline, and what did you do? You have spent and spent and spent, and thoughtlessly, greedily committed the earnings of your as yet unborn offspring to pay for your wasteful lives of today. You have forgotten what is fair and good and honest, and what did you do? You have borrowed, and borrowed and borrowed, and whilst you committed and made it law to care for your elderly and all in retirement, you greedily raided their funds.

“Explain your valid reason to exist now, for what did you do? You are making life impossible for those who worked and cared, provided, and believed in a future, clearly spelled out to provide a reward for all those years. At a time when your communications systems have become almost ‘cost-less’, you keep herding young adults into expensive institutions, top heavy, over-burdened, over regulated and over paid, for them to suffer huge education costs in a jobless world.

“And what have you done? Your national earnings and savings have been pilfered away in your fighting needless wars, killing men, women, and babes in great numbers from great distances, yet their cries are heard. I ask you, ‘What will you be doing when the confidence in printed paper (money) runs out?’ Are you ready for a world in which your actions of the past come back to haunt you, and are you ready for an eternal life in which you will be held to account?”

(George saying that he has had quite enough now).

Mentor: “You asked. Some of your subscribers asked, but after this long age (the Correcting Time) will come a time in which you will be exceedingly proud of your world. That is what we work towards. I am one of a group of five Mentors, a former Destiny Guardian.”

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