Urantia, January 28, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Purity of Intent.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Another day of teaching has broken upon this planet, and the question remains: ‘How shall you use this day? Will there be some constructive thoughts in the human brain or is it already stressed about the day ahead?’ Ideally, give yourselves a moment of clarity before stumbling out of bed and perhaps grudgingly beginning another day on this disordered and backward planet, so out of step with her sister planets. Think about how this backwardness is being added to by each negative thought and decision of its inhabitants. It needs the goodwill of all to put on your collective ‘thinking caps’ and decide what kind of day you are going to experience – either a day of upliftment or another humdrum day where nothing positive ever happens.

“You see, dear ones, it is totally in your hands to decide what sort of day you are going to have, and the gift of free will can be a most powerful tool to use. However, since thoughtlessness runs rampant on this planet, it might be expedient to ask for some insight to have some help with that tool of free will – to help steady your minds when you wield that tool. One thing would then be made clear in your minds; that it is totally unnecessary to wield the tool of free will on your own. You may request of the most valuable Spark from God within to help guide you. It is so very easy to for a moment stop and ask with intent of the Indwelling Guide what might be the best way to put your free will to use, so it can benefit the progress of the planet.

“You see, dear mortals, if such a request would be voiced by only ten percent of the population, the whole planet would make a turn-around into the right direction, towards progress for all. It stands to reason that such a request needs to be forthcoming with the purest of intent. Yes, such an important request for help would entail the cooperation between God and human in harmonizing human will with the will of God. Cooperation is what we, your Heavenly Indwellers, represent. So there you have it, a pure Spark from God indwelling each thinking mortal on the planet.

“Do you ever stop to realize how powerful it could be if some humans with sincerely and purity of intent would ask for help and guidance instead of thoughtlessly praying ‘may God’s will be done.’ Instead you might say, ‘I will, that God’s will be done in me, by me and through me.’ How soon your native planet would be brought in line with the rest of creation! Never forget, that they are the humans themselves who are adding to the planet’s misery. Therefore would it not be a wonderful idea on anyone’s part to be able to say on looking back later on their mortal life, ‘I did my best to help change things around for the better on my native planet with all my power and purity of intent’. Think how that would make you feel in eternity! Happy memories are far stronger than unhappy regretful ones.”

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“You shall minister in My Name” – The Beloved One.

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