Access to Divine Intelligence and Wisdom

Alberta, Canada, March 10, 2013.
Prometheus’ Treasures - VII.
Subjects: “Access to Divine Intelligence and Wisdom.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “When a mortal is faced with seemingly difficult decisions, it is possible for the individual to draw upon wisdom only with the offering of an open-hearted trust that divine wisdom is available. This wisdom is accessible through direct receptivity to the leadings and offerings, the gifts of insight and loving intelligence which the Indwelling Spirit has to share from the highest cosmic perspective.

“When we speak of intelligence, we are speaking of the highest perspective available.

“When we speak of Wisdom, we are speaking of the profound cosmic knowledge base upon which the creature-personality can draw. Recognition of this cosmic wisdom comes through the conscious will decision to consult with sincerity either one’s Indwelling Spirit (Thought Adjuster), the Spirit Parents (Christ Michael & Mother Spirit) or the Teachers which are qualified spiritually to assist in order to facilitate the intelligent decision-making process.

“I am Prometheus.”

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