A Lesson about Your Life’s Dreams

Alabama, US of A, April 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Your Life’s Dreams.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Striving to make your life’s dreams a reality is a valuable and important endeavor. The will of the Father is that His children achieve complete expression of their personality and find happiness and unending peace. However, this may be a source of great confusion in the lives of those who ignore the advice of their Inner Teacher.

“The dreams of many in this world are about things that will neither bring happiness nor true peace. Fortune, fame, power, and material rewards are among the things desired by many. Even the education system, and many spiritual guides or motivational speakers promote these ideas by saying that you can achieve anything you want if you really wish it. This is not true, my beloved.

“Not everyone can be rich. Not everybody can find material success. And not all will obtain what they desire, regardless of the intensity of their desire, how hard they work, how clearly they visualize their success, or how many prayers they send to ‘the gods of fortune’. The reality is that none of these things are necessary for your spiritual growth, to either find lasting peace, or for the attainment of real happiness. It would be better to stop wasting time looking ‘out there’ for what you can get in abundance when you open your minds and your hearts to the truth that is already inside each one of you.

“Only what comes from the Father will go back to the Father. Only that which is in harmony with the laws of the universe, with love – the will of the Father – will become a reality. When your dreams and your desires are the wishes of a nascent soul that wants to know God, these desires will become true. What a child desires, and if it is the will of the Father, will become a reality.

“How will you know if your life’s desires are in harmony with the will of the Father? Search for the attributes of divinity in these dreams, finding truth, beauty, and goodness. Your dreams are true if you are honest with yourself, with your true self – that which you really are, a spiritual being living a life of learning in the flesh. Your dreams are true if they move you closer to God and to the most perfect expression of your true self. Your dreams are beautiful if their reality will be an expression of the love of the Father and the love for your neighbors.

“Your life’s dreams are good if they lovingly serve your brothers and sisters in this world. If your dreams have these three attributes fight for them and observe how they become reality, since this in way you will be another worker in the Father’s enterprise – His hands and feet – and an executor of His divine will of love.”

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