Consider Your Function II

Illawarra District, Australia, December 28, 2013.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “Consider Your Function II.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “Good day. This is Machiventa. I bring you greetings from those of my order, and from my many helpers. By appointment from Michael of Nebadon, I was declared Planetary Prince of Urantia in my own right. What does it mean to be a Planetary Prince? It means that I am in charge of directing progress on this planet in so far as our Celestial Superiors are allowing me to do so. It means that I am a Teacher. The Head Teacher, really, in charge of the curriculum. My other duties are complex, but of no consequence here and now.

“My message to you on this day deals with your function as receivers and transmitters of celestial messages. It is important for you to realize that all teachings are passed by myself, or by one of my order to ensure it be clear, and as close to perfect as possible. All teachings are perfect according to the rules of the universe, and recorded in simple language of whatever nation. Remember, it is between you and your Celestial Teacher that the final lesson is inked onto paper, or recorded. Sadly, any imperfections are entirely on your part.

“All transmissions are the product of co-creation between the Celestial Teachers and their human counterparts. You are equally involved with your Teachers, and therefore you may be sure you have the right to make more clear, here or there, the odd word or sentence. In receiving your messages you must be in a meditative state, sufficiently so that you clearly comprehend the lesson from beginning to end. I know you will fully comprehend it, but then you must also present it in its most understandable, simplest of gramar.

“Not one of you receives your messages in quite the same manner, as much depends on listening skills, mid mind (soul) development, even your ready vocabulary and a basic understanding of the concepts put forward. The latter is our responsibility in finding the (human) receiver to suit the lesson to be taught. Some of you wordsmiths are so entrusted with this work of co-creation that you are provided with series of concepts for you to put into language, not unlike your translators must decide which words to use to convey the meanings.

“When making you ‘the composer of the message’ from mere impressions we transmit, ‘the universe’ allocates to you a greater part of ‘the good to be done’ in distributing our messages. To assist you in your work, we use great care in making the lesson flow naturally, as well as using common language. What we are engaged in are spiritual experiences, common teachings, nothing mystical, down to earth. Beware of transcripts jumping from one subject to another, lessons hard to understand, and those marinated in magical terms.”

“This is Machiventa, looking forward to also hear from you a little more often. Have confidence. I say, Goodnight.”

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