Mitigating the Potential Crises

Illawarra District, Australia, October 9, 2013.
Life Carrier, Orion.
Subject: “Mitigating the Potential Crises.”

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “The (subsriber’s) question posed is not really a single question, but in fact a series of questions, requiring a number of answers. Fortunately I can answer all in some fashion, because we do not merely carry life from our base in the local universe, or from planet to planet, we also ‘manufacture basic strands’ which we then assist into developing into flora, fauna, and with foresight and great care, into humans capable of being indwellt by a Fragment of God.

Firstly, the intent of the infusion of the Adamic blood into your races was for you to become a more long-lived creature, and as well to distance you from the animal species so you would not need to suffer from diseases that found their origin in such as cattle, horses, pigs, rodents, even insects. Alas, the Adamic default to a great extent spoiled that objective for you to have both a wider food source, as well as being more resistant to afflictions of flora and fauna.

“Over the years we have spoken in detail about early-onset schizophrenia and we re-iterate that like problems are not unknown on so-called normal worlds, although more rare in incidence. Nevertheless, the high prevalence of this mental illness within Urantia families can be lessened to some extent by special care in the early stages, by the more normal of the parents, or by a relative, taking the youngster under his or her wing to mitigate a fully-blown crisis.

“Diabetes also runs in families though to a lesser extent. A further factor is not only their genetic pre-disposition, but the kind of foods the family is in the habit of consuming, and such potentially bad habits tend to persist through generations. Detailed analysis of a young person’s genetic make-up, recommended for the future if not now, will help in determining a regimen in food preparation for such individuals’ health, long life, and well-being.

“Your human genome project, thought to be so very advanced, still has a great deal more light to shed on where many of its weak spots exist, in specific circumstances, parental matches, and in individuals. Over time your investigators will discover very nearly where we, the Life Carriers, left off after (with much help from Mother Spirit) implanting the germs of life on Urantia. Some may in time well become our apprentices, and some already are.

“In time you will become less fastidious about who fathers or mothers your children as long as they are well. They will be yours, anyway, for how you love them, treat them, and educate them. The mores will change for the betterment of the child. However, I speak for all my kin in saying that the relentless hunt for, the theft of, and illegal trade in human body parts is abhorred by us all. This is Orion, dictating to a human friend I’ve come to know so well.”

George: “We love you.”

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