What else might life be?

Alabama, US of A, April 20, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “What else might life be?”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Life is much more than you think it is. You know that it is an experience all of you will carry over into the future. You have also begun to understand that life is a contribution to the Supreme Being at both planetary and universal levels. However, what else might life be?

“Your Thought Adjuster has descended from Paradise to inhabit your mortal mind. His mission includes two aspects. The first one is to personally guide you to attain the very presence of the Father as His perfected child. The other aspect has something to do with the way the Father entrusts some of His attributes to His creatures. By giving you a Fragment of Himself, the Father has effectively created a new being that can be His representative in any place and at any moment. Once you have reached Paradise, you will to all intents and purposes be considered to be similar to God, and your endeavors throughout creation will be the endeavors of God.

“In this way our Father reveals Himself more fully. You were created with a definite purpose, as an original idea in the mind of the Creator. Some day you will fulfil that intended purpose, and you will reveal entirely the intent of the Father through your existence, your life and your actions.

“Even if this purpose may not be clear today, you can begin to work towards its expression. Little by little you are being guided to be what the Father desires for you to become, and you only need to learn to follow the guidance of the Divine Fragment within you. Your destiny is unity, to become one with God, to be an extension of His will, and to be a co-creator of realities. Those who work alone may achieve small things. Those who work in unity with the energy that sustains the universe – divine love – know that nothing is impossible and they can achieve anything.

“In unity with the will of God you will always triumph. Those who desire and are working for peace today will be victorious, because on each day love is spreading more into the hearts of the inhabitants of this world. The sublime enterprise of civilization – the establishment of light and life in this world – will be the heritage from those who work and have worked toward this goal, since their efforts are not in vain. To turn a primitive world into a sphere of light is the most amazing miracle that can be observed in a universe, with repercussions reaching all the way to Paradise itself. Every forward step by each single creature does bring this goal closer to reality. You are the creators of the miracle, and this is just a small example of what you can achieve when you combine your co-creative efforts. Together, all the children of God will be His hands throughout eternity.”

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