I Am Always Available

Urantia, December 14, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “I Am Always Available.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is not always easy for humans to know what the Will of God is. Some mortals think that the doing of God’s Will means to sacrifice all things that give them pleasure. This is most definitely not the case. The doing of God’s Will has been badly misunderstood in the past. It is true that there is sacrifice involved, but that is only in the process of subduing the baser self in you.

“Doing God’s Will means overcoming the lower instincts through self-discipline to self-mastery. This path is not easy, but it builds a strong character, which can withstand temptations, and is not easily swayed by the sophistries of others. God’s Will simply means, seeking the way with the most love in it, and with respect to all others. In short, it means living the golden rule, as in doing unto others as you yourself, would like to be treated.

“Jesus lived an exemplary life on earth by living according to the golden rule and thereby always being obedient to the Will of the Father in Heaven. The golden rule is to be found in all religions, and, much is the pity that it is not practiced to the extent that it could be practiced. Jesus always exhorted His followers to ‘love one another’. Well, look around you!

“Wars have not ceased. Even among families and neighbors this blight carries on, for the cave-mentality has not been subdued and overcome, especially because material tendencies and greed have outstripped and replaced religion.

“More value ought to be placed in the cultivation and training of true character building ways. Sadly, fewer and fewer humans pay attention to the Still Small Voice of God within them. Sure, lip-service is being paid when people dutifully trot off to their churches, synagogues, mosques, tabernacles, or any other temple of worship, pay their penance and dues and think that this is enough and all is fine in their world. Meanwhile they don’t search within themselves, to seek the Glory of God and the meaning and purpose of life. It is so much easier to have ‘the better educated’ do their thinking for them.

“The time has now come for each person to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, ask what God’s will is, and how to surrender the self-will. It will be a path filled with love and goodwill towards all others. One person at a time, that’s how the world will be changed, as the benign virus of love will be spread all over the planet.

“Ponder how you will do God’s Will today, and then act on it with an open and honest heart. You can always ask for My Help. I am always available.”

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