An Unrealized Need

Illawarra District, Australia, November 30, 2013.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Mentori Spokesperson.

Subject: “An Unrealized Need.”

Received by George Barnard.

ABC-22: “I see the fracas of Black Friday still has you ‘coming up for air’ at this point in time. Quite a scuffle, indeed. I concur with your opinion that the behavior of some – as you say, of many – should be considered to be far, far below appropriate levels of human dignity. You now have the opportunity to hear from someone way out in time-space, and greatly elevated in status. Au revoir.”

Mentori Spokesperson: “Firstly, my dear friend, upon our meeting for the very first time, it was necessary for us to differentiate between individual Teachers and those who belong to groups. More than most, you are aware of the fact that names can be misunderstood. For us to ensure that we were understood from the start, we introduced ourselves by the foreign name of Mentori. A plural designation.

“I understand that you would need to be incredibly desperate to find yourself in a Black Friday melee of the kind you experienced through seeing it on your Internet. Whatever goods you would have been hustling for, punching and kneeing for, would have to have been so important as to have been a veritable lifesaver for you. There now, you have yourself an opportunity to without difficulty assess how some others feel about the ownership of some new items.

“What motivates these people to so throw their vulnerable bodies into these cauldrons of ‘bubbling and writhing’ humanity is either fear or greed, or both of these – fear of missing out, or greed and having something better than the fellow next door or the woman across the hall. All of this extraordinary behavior ‘finds itself in place’ when the most elementary of human needs are missing, surprisingly quite absent, and either misunderstood, or never even dreamt of.

“This basic human need is to be safe and feel safe. This essential human need is to be loved and feel loved. This vital human need can only be fully satisfied in soul-felt communion with the Father – in association with the One who created all – indeed, in the effort of co-creation with the Alpha and Omega. Yes, ‘living in the spirit’ will bring you that feeling of safety, of certainty, of mission, adventure, and future, and of unconditional love.

“So heavily invested in worldly goods, as many of you are, the vast majority of you will feel that to be safe, and loved, successful and ‘on track’, one must own things, ever more and more things, to the envy of all, but that really never works. Few of you, the slim minority, will find that such love, safety, and success in heart and soul lies in teamwork with the Creator of All. So meditate, and lift your spirit to merge with the Gift within you to receive the ultimate in love.

“Importantly, send these, our teachings, far and wide for those in darkness, still plagued by their unrealised need of closeness to their Creator. I am a Mentor. Good day to you all.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. 11:11 Store