Learning to Do the Will of God

Urantia, November 16, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Learning to Do the Will of God.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Today we will discuss the subject of will. Many entertain pre-conceived notions about what will is. Is it to want something, to will something and make this happen, to bend others to their will? Still, the most important one, learning to do the Will of God, is often the most puzzling, yet the simplest of all. The spiritual meaning of doing God’s will is allowing the Still Small Voice within to lead you, rather than choosing to follow your own baser instincts.

“When you start out on the spiritual path, you may be seeking that indefinable something. Perhaps the urge to make sense out of life is what put you on the path, and this can happen at any age during mortal life. Ideally it will occur when a child reaches the age of ‘discernment’ and makes a correct choice between right and wrong. It is then when the Inner Pilot arrives, instantly, and indwells that child. From that time on the child will most often choose to be led by its Indweller, often unconsciously at first, whilst true soul-hunger will develop.

“During the formative years it depends to a great extent on the prevailing circumstances how a willingness to be led develops. At times this is very gradual, but sometimes they forget, and mortals have to be ‘brought to their knees’, and made to realize that there is more to life than being addicted to thoughtless, easy living.

“It is very much a matter of where conscious or unconscious attention is placed on the plane on which the person lives.

“Therefore, if one lives ‘on the surface of life’, everything is superficial and mundane, but when one begins to think more independently – begins to question the true purpose of life, and starts seeking the deeper meanings and values – the person develops a hunger to look behind the veil into eternity. The immature soul will begin to grow and will seek to be fed and nurtured.

“This urge and search to belong does not stop until the eternal God is found, indeed, until the soul realizes that it always did belong to God, because it simply cannot exist without God, for everything is inclusive with God. God gave mortals the Gift of free will. It is up to each mortal to choose to do the will of God and live in that consciousness of mind to figure out what it all means, to then start acting on the leadings and the prompts of the God-Fragment within him or her.

“Ponder what it means to you personally, to do the Will of God.”

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