A Lesson about Being Self-Satisfied

Alabama, US of A, April 12, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Being Self-Satisfied.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Being at peace with the current situation and being self-satisfied are very different things. When you are living in the present, without fantasies about escaping reality, or being somewhere else, you are living the will of the Father, which has placed you in a particular situation. Being self-satisfied implies the mistake of believing that there is no more progress to be achieved. The former promotes spiritual growth, while the latter is a sign of stagnation, and even regression.

“The desire of escaping reality comes from your mind. Many times it is the result of various external influences. It may be what others consider as normal, or as success. They are the materialistic tendencies and the whims of the ego. It is to want things that in reality won’t add any value to your life.

“Living in the present is a desire of the soul. It is to realize that we are here for a reason and with a purpose. It is to take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and for our destiny. It is the knowing that our Father is in charge, and for us to progressively let ourselves be guided by His hand.

“Those who live in the present neither pursue stagnation, nor do they desire inertia. Living in the present is to pay attention, and to always be observing students, capable of reading in the routine events of life the gifts and opportunities sent by the Father. Those who focus into the present moment know that every second is a gift that can have transcendental repercussions, even reaching into eternity. Those who live their life in this way are truly in harmony with the will of the Father, basing their decisions on it, and learning with every opportunity that life brings them. These are the ones who are not desperately looking for a way out, but see life as an adventure and a journey full of surprises that will bring them precisely what they need to grow and be.

“Learn the difference between conformity and inertia, between living in the present and forgetting to listen to the voice that inspires you to be better. Avoid inertia and cultivate an attitude of living in the present, of doing the task in front of you in the best way possible, because maybe that is what the Father has placed in your hands today.”

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