Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

Urantia, November 17, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Practicing Random Acts of Kindness.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Come before Me with an open heart, so I can impart a deeper truth. We earlier discussed the doing of the Will of God. It needs to be understood that this is never compulsory on your part, and neither is the doing of God’s Will coerced on the part of God. The doing of the Will of God is simply the desire to serve others without recognition or recompense. It is following the instincts of your heart, which in reality are My prompts for you to act upon.

“The doing of the Will of God needs to be a desire, a joy in the human heart. It exists in the spreading of, and practice of, random acts of kindness. It is being of service with a sincere, truthful and loving heart. In love, light and peace are embedded. If you consider yourself to be a light-worker or a peace-worker, then you work under the umbrella of love, although it is not always described in this manner.

“God is Love, His Will is Love, His Acts are Love, and this love finds further expression in the lives of myriad created and evolving creatures. The created beings express themselves in loving service and the doing of God’s Will is inherent in them, and thus they serve Him willingly. Not so with the evolving creatures, they are different in that they have the choice to love or not to love.

“The process of making choices and decisions creates individuals who differ greatly from each other. The degree to which positive or negative characteristics become the dominant traits depends on how much self-discipline and self-correction is engaged in. A personality, living on the surface of life and who engages not in independent thinking, can more easily fall prey to all kinds of addictions and self-indulgences. However, a person who actively seeks the meaning and purpose of life, and finds value therein, will start to live in greater harmony and balance within themselves.

“Worldly education and long rows of letters behind one’s name are no certain indication of a well-developed and harmonious inner life. The more unpretentious one is, without a strong discernible ego, the better off one is, often doing God’s Will in an unassuming manner. There is an innate drive in them to be of service. The greed motivation is never connected with altruistic service.

“So many works done in the name of God are just that; in name only. There frequently is a hidden agenda and a strong need for recognition. The Father always knows the intent and motivation of the human heart, even if it is not apparent to the outside world.

“Again, ponder what it means to you to be doing God’s Will.”

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