Every Situation is an Opportunity

Alabama, US of A, April 11, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Every Situation is an Opportunity.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “During your lifetime, if you only focus on that which you don’t have, the outlook will appear to be very bleak, and it would seem that you have not achieved much at all. On the other hand, if you consider what you already posses, your progress, and the things you have achieved, it will become easier for you to better estimate where you stand.

“Why do so many think only about the things they are lacking – that which they desire and have not yet obtained? This is a sign of poor faith. Many of the things you desire will not add any value to your mortal experience, nor will they bring you closer to God. When you really deeply trust in the Father, you realize that you already have everything you need to achieve your goals in this life.

“This deep trust, which lets you understand that all is well, is the main ‘symptom’ experienced by those who have decided to live their life consecrated to the will of the Father. As long as you are still experiencing those moments of unmet ‘wants and needs’, see them as a sign that some adjustments are required regarding your spiritual path.

“Being content with the current situation should not be mistaken for complacency or stagnation. Those who have learned to put their trust in the Father know that every situation is an opportunity, and that they have not by mere accident arrived where they are. Their current situation is the result of their personal decisions. However, the Father will always provide opportunities to grow, and human beings should learn to take advantage of these opportunities to aid their spiritual development.

“Our Father will never tire of providing opportunities. There will not be a day when the Father will say ‘I will not give more to this mortal because he or she always rejects what I offer’. Understand once and for all that the love of the Father is not subject to conditions. He will always work tirelessly to inspire you to reach your eternal destiny. The problem is that mortals get so used to ignoring the opportunities that come their way that they are no longer able to recognize them.

“Being where you are today, and being able to do the things you can do, amounts to opportunity. Take advantage of this, and find out how far you can reach when you move with the winds of your Father’s love in your sails, leading you in the right direction, waiting only for your approval in order to turn you into a better person, more and more like what the Father intended to manifest in your existence.”

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