A Personal Trinity

Urantia, September 1, 2013.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Personal Trinity.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Please do not hesitate to write my words in clearly visible form as you hear them. These words are very important and shall help awaken humanity in its struggles to become more persistent in seeking God’s will in their lives. They need to know that all of normal thinking capacity have the capability of listening within to their Gift from God, which was sent to indwell them at an early age, when they made their first moral decision without being influenced by anyone. In other words, they became capable of independent positive thought. The reason why I am telling you this is because there are still too many people running to priests, ministers, and gurus, or whoever suits their fancy, to do their thinking for them. It is truly not useful to have others telling you how to comport yourselves throughout life.

“It is indeed extremely important to turn within and take the time to listen to the greatest Guide, and taking advantage of His advice.

“Now I come to the important part of this subject of a personal trinity. Those brought up in some kind of belief-system; might know something about a heavenly Trinity, whose existence is among others, like the existence of God, which is also disputed ad infinitum on this backward planet. However most of you know the name of Jesus, at least. His name is quite often mentioned when something goes wrong. Well allow me to tell you that He walks and talks with you if you so desire, and on a continual basis as the Ruler of the universe in which your little planet is located. He has that capability and more. Therefore He is able to walk with you so you can visualize Him being on your right side. His Consort, the Holy Mother Spirit, sustains you on your left side, and will even attempt to take you in her arms and console you. Be mindful of this, as they are your spiritual Parents.

“Then there is your individual Spark from God, your Thought Adjuster, as the Capstone of your being, making your trinity complete. We, the Thought Adjusters, the Gifts from God, labor incessantly to uplift your thoughts to higher and more spiritual levels. In this way you can begin to pay attention to the thoughts you think and the actions you undertake for the progress of this little backward planet. This planet lags some 200.000 years behind her sister planets of normal development, due to the nefarious actions instigated during the Lucifer rebellion of that long-ago time. These evil actions have since been perpetuated by the humans on this planet.

“Now we come to the gist of our message: You all can take advantage of the celestial help available to you. As well, don’t forget your guardian angels and the midwayers, who also stand at the ready to render help, but are not allowed to unless you sincerely ask for assistance.”

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