Illawarra District, Australia, June 22, 2010.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “The Loss of Innocence – The Stones We Throw.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “The stones we throw can free all men, and make them walk proud … anywhere on this planet. As you have gathered during the last few days, we can remind you of a song as easily as we can bring to your mind a concept, a word, or a vision. My thoughts about this song have always been about where my stones would land, but really where my advice would be accepted, and if you really would welcome our thoughts, and follow our leadings, how much better off all on this planet would be!

“Whilst I have Prince Machiventa’s approval to broach this subject, I find you reticent to open your mouth, but I thank you for finally taking this lesson to heart. I want to speak with you about the loss of innocence, a gradual diminishing of virtuousness – a creeping approval, acceptance, an over-looking of acts and proposals that are not right. I’m talking of just yesterday, the nineteen-fifties, a time of honesty, of unlocked doors, return of borrowed goods, acknowledgement of the presence, the worth, and the needs of even a stranger in the streets.

“In many ways you have regressed rather than progressed since those years, and be not surprised if from time to time you find me throwing a stone, and letting it skip towards my target – the subject of much grief on the part of your Planetary Prince and all his workers – and here I’m aiming at the trade in human organs. Much as we applaud those who in the event of loss of life through accident or illness have bequeathed their organs to another, at times to a number of others, we are most concerned when organs are taken without approval.

“Except for a few individuals ‘mentally estranged from accepted mores’ you are no longer seen as practicing cannibalism, and at least in the collective sense do you abhor this practice. Then, do you not see that the harvesting of healthy organs from one who does not want to part with these organs, and may even die during or after such extraction, is akin to cannibalism? Indeed the very same? You may rightly presume cannibalism was once practiced so one could live while another died, likewise with the forced harvesting of organs.

“Over time, most unacceptable behavior can creep into your routine, to become an unquestioned crime in a civilization that is on a downward slide, and is losing its innocence. Where are those whose voices that should be heard? Consider. This is one of the stones I throw. I am ABC-22.”

Note: 1965, Levon and the Hawks – The Stones I throw will free all men …

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