Only Say It if You Mean It

Oregon, USA, August 15, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Only Say It if You Mean It”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus’s typical greeting or farewell was Shalom aleichem” [My peace be with you.]—a statement addressed to the body and the soul. Its widespread Arabic version is As-salamu alaykum. Christianity adopted its Latin translation — pax tecum, pax vobis, or pax vobiscum — as the liturgical salutations symbolic of the kiss of peace.

Peace is the objective of the ages, as it satisfies the longing of all souls. Jesus came waving its white flag. He became its poster boy, an expert at remaining grounded in the ineffable peace that passes all understanding. He radiated the peace of mind and heart that it instills, and his stable character stood out amid the ambient restlessness.

A peaceful presence is comforting, non-threatening, and relaxing. It is the fabric of a great listener and a peace-maker. By becoming your most valuable ally, peace allows you to positively filter your experiences, as you come to understand that you should be in control of your inner world.

Jesus admonished goodwill among men—never condoning ill-will. He acted in good faith—never getting entangled in conflicting agendas. By following his lead, you will become an effective agent of peace, while drawing great personal benefits.

Because he was an embodiment of peace, Jesus’s approach was never belligerent or antagonistic toward others. He did not gossip, did not speak ill of others, nor did he stand in judgment. He uplifted the downtrodden by appealing to their positive side. He asked judicious questions to prompt them to think for themselves and draw enlightening conclusions.

In these chaotic times, you can have a tremendous impact on world peace if you emulate Jesus’s way of positive interaction. Goodwill among men is the prerequisite for progress. Mean your Shalom aleichem!

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