A Lesson about Searching

Alabama, December 22, 2010.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Searching.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Mortals would progress faster if they concerned themselves with asking relevant questions and then searching for their answers. This may seem like a trivial exercise but how many among you question the foundations of your society? How many stop and think about where their lives are leading them? How many ponder what it is they do day after day, and if it is relevant? In reality, many have asked these questions at some time in their lives, but most of them don’t search for answers, assuming the solutions can’t be found, or accepting the answers of some expert or what is found in dogma.

“The greatest contributions to humanity have been made by those who take the time to search for answers to the uncomfortable questions that arise in their minds and their hearts. Often by exploring ideas in this way, human beings can perceive hints that arrive from spiritual sources. The spiritual influences that minister over human beings have then been able to breach the gap in those very moments in which a sincere soul searched to understand some aspect of his or her existence, origins or destiny.

“The important part of this search for wisdom is to have a mindset of receptivity. ‘Ask and you shall receive’ said the Master. This is where true prayer is paramount. Prayer does nothing to change the attitude of the Father towards His children, but it does a great deal in tuning the minds of these children to receive spiritual transmissions.

“Do not be afraid to search within yourselves for the personal answers to the challenging questions of life. Those who search will find answers in abundance in the Source of all knowledge and all things, residing within each human being, waiting patiently for the opportunity to play a more significant role in their life.”

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