Reviews of

The Search for 11:11


"I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed reading your first book. It is one of those "I can't put it down" type of books; and I was totally fascinated all the way through. Not only is it a great job of writing; but, I am most grateful for being able to share your experiences. You may not realize how wonderful that is for one like me who has never been privileged see or hear a midway creature."

Wallace Brenton


"I just finished reading George Barnard's book The Search for 11:11. Thank you George for sharing so much of yourself and your experiences for by doing so your have given us the opportunity of learning more about our Cosmic Family - and others who are not aware of our Cosmic Family to discover how much help we have.

Your book helps to share the Good News and I plan to see that it gets in the hands of as many people as possible. It would make a great Christmas present and I just read my first Christmas gift of the season. Thank you!!!"


"The Search for the 11:11 is a thoroughly enjoyable 'read'.  It is very well written with a generous dose of humor, as well as thought provoking.  The stories within are fascinating and the reader's interest remains keen from beginning to end---and the end comes much too soon. It leaves you 'hungry' for the next one---surely there must be more.  Highly recommended."

C & S


"The Universe is Friendly!"
I remember the very first time I heard someone say, "The Universe is Friendly!" And my immediate reply was, "Yeah right!"
Well, after an afternoon, and the better part of the following day of reading George Barnard's "The Search for 11:11", I am totally convinced that this Universe is, indeed, very friendly.
60-Year-old George takes us along on his adventures of many decades with a group of friendly Celestial Helpers that are known as Midwayers.
Are they Beings from other planets? Are they Extraterrestrials? You decide!
There is no doubt as to the excitement and uniqueness of his adventures. And you may discover this for yourself, as if you were another client in the steady stream of patients that frequented his busy clinic. You may well find yourself relating, totally, and discover yourself healed by both George's and his Celestial Ministrators' ministrations.
Do I advise you to read this book? I assure you that I have never experienced such a wonderful and rewarding adventure in merely reading a book. I do not like novels. But is this a novel, or one of the most outstanding, and well written self help books of our generation?
Is it fact or fiction? Will fiction heal you? These are questions that you will definitely receive some stirring answers to, on your own adventures in the search for 11:11.
I highly recommend that as soon as is earthy possible you set your priority on discovering how very friendly and people-oriented these beings are. You will wonder, as I did, whether it was reality or insanity for so many of us to banish those invisible beings of our childhood imagination.

Joyce Benton


This is an intriguing book. It is not hard to read, although George does have an unusual sense of humour and style. It's probably due to being of European (Dutch/French) extraction and sunburnt in Australia.
George tells of his personal experiences with spirit beings which has gone on most of his life, and allowed him to be a powerful healer of some troubled souls. As far as I know, George is the first to have documented contact with these midwayers, hence the name 11:11. He has promised that there are more books to follow! We await with great interest.

Geoff Cutler


Did you ever wonder about the synchronicities in your life? Ever look at the clock only to see it say 11:11, again and again? Maybe these are hints to your connection with the universe and the spirits that inhabit it. Pay attention and grab a copy of this book. George Barnard has paid attention and has been working in the service of the 1,111 spirit guardians that are the permanent residents of this planet and these are his stories. Read this book and then think about your own opportunities.
Something's happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
-Buffalo Springfield-

Fred Harris


The Search for 11:11 takes us into the reality where we begin to discover how Heaven reaches down to us to help us. George's experiences are a thrilling journey into this greatly unknown realm, and he sheds the light of his partnership with the celestials in a humorful and compelling manner.
Many of us have had highly coincidential experiences, even our own 11:11 wake-up calls and promptings. I found his sharing of his accounts with the Spirit Guardians an intriguing look at how loved, guided, and cherished we are by a huge celestial reality that staggers our imagination.

Highly recommended if you are on a serious quest for answers about the significance of the 11:11 phenomenon or if you've had personal experience of 11:11 but weren't sure what it was all about.

Donna Dingillo


Answers to life's baffling questions. This book relates George Barnards' discovery of celestial beings, beings who are constantly present on Earth and have been for many thousands of years. These beings (also called MidWayers, because they're sort of in the middle of where humans and other celestials are) abound in large numbers around Earth and can be requested for all kinds of help. They're very experienced, loving and helpful. They can only be seen by people with special gifts like George Barnard but might already have helped you or someone you know without your knowing. These cousins of ours are contantly working to help the poor, the sick and the downtrodden of the planet. Read more about these fantastic beings in this very readable and often very funny book 'The Search for 11:11'.
George has done a great job putting this first in the series of 3 books and I heartily recommend this book to all seekers.

Manu Puri