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The Akashic Construct CD

What our users have said about this process:

Since that deep healing meditation in the Akashic Consruct, I have not had an irregular heartbeat since.

OH wonder of wonders, everytime I think about this I offer a silent Thank You.


WOW!! This is large. I started today's session with self-forgiveness. Seems I still have a lot of guilt for failing other people and myself. I know now this is all my imagination.

I held concentration through the whole Akashic session but, when I got to the library I was alone. I kept asking for someone to join me, but I then realized that I had to deal with this forgiveness issue by myself. And then I found myself rushing through space and stars till I came to a plane where there were dozens of beings all standing in regimental order.

Like an army. They were made of light (at least their heads) and were dressed in white. I asked what I was doing there and one by one they advanced and passed right through me. Man, this knocked my breath out, physically. With each one I grew stronger and felt more wonderful love till I started to glow.

I have felt the Fathers love before, but never like this. I flew back to the Library at the exact time you came back on to bring me back. I had to write you immediately after this happened. I remember it so well that I can just close my eyes and be there again.

WOW !! again, this is getting wonderfully weird and real.


I listened to it last night. I don't know what happened during the third one. I went kind of 'under' and don't remember much. I was most puzzled when I listened to the fourth part, and realized, that I had not heard the third. I wondered about this, when a 'voice' said, "you have received a deep healing". I was 'counseled' this morning, not to take my customary herbs, vitamins and minerals, but let my body recover and heal during the next 24 hrs. This absolutely blew me away, so tonight I am going to listen again and see what comes up this time.


S. Could a Celestial try to communicate through the cd machine that I was using while doing the AC ? G.


Yes, certainly. Whomever the message is from, it would most likely be the "electrically energized" Secondary Midwayer superimposing his/her voice over the sound of the machine. There are lots of stories about how they at times use a radio set to, for instance, interrupt a music program to give one particular listener a message of importance, and no one else in the community listening to that station notices any interruption. Let me know, please, what you heard...... George.